Friday, June 19, 2009

Formula 1: FOTA vs FIA

The latest news to come out of Formula 1 circles is that no agreement or late compromise has been reached by the Formula One Teams’ Association (FOTA) and the International Motoring Federation (FIA), the governing body of motorsports.

The FIA, headed by a son of a former union fascist, Max Mosely as President and commercial rights endorser Bernie Ecclestone, have insisted on a $65-million annual budget for team and car development in 2010 (NASCAR-like) from the existing $245-million to over $300-million budget this year.

The budget, personally, is ridiculous if you look at it closely. That’s half of the staggering cost of Cristiano Ronaldo who was bought by Real Madrid from Manchester United at a staggering $130 million! And a team that races and travels around the world certainly deserves a bigger budget, according to Red Bull driver and drivers’ association president Mark Webber in his blog.

FOTA has criticized the FIA of its decision to go ahead with the proposed budget for the 2010 calendar insisting that such an amount is impossible for manufacturing teams to be competitive. While the association agrees that costs have to be cut down due to unstable market values, it should be done in a timely manner.

Today FOTA, having had enough of Mosley, has decided to finally create a breakaway series of their own come 2010.

The teams’ association headed by Ferrari, includes Renault, BMW Sauber, McLaren, Toyota, Brawn GP, Red Bull and Toro Rosso, having suspended Williams and Force India for displaying selfish behavior by submitting unconditional entries to the FIA for 2010 to compete with newbies Campos GP, Manor GP and Team US F1.

Perhaps looking to bring back old glory is Williams and looking forward to bring glory is Force India if the rest of the teams under FOTA do not submit entries.

Who needs has-been Williams and bottom-dweller Force India?

Lines have been drawn and I agree with Petrol head Steve Slater that it looks like Jenson Button is going to be the last Formula 1 champion after all.

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