Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The chump named Schumacher

What in the world was that all about?

While the rest of the McLaren community celebrate their hard earned 1-2 victory in the recently concluded Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai, others like Red Bull Racing and Ferrari go back to the drawing board and make adjustments on car and driver alike.

Sebastian Vettel's battle woes against mother nature continue to hound the German driver. Armed with the quickest car in F1 right now, Vettel's extraordinary showing in Qualifying times proves the might and aerodynamic balance of the Renault-powered RB6.

However, it does not take a genius to know that Qualifying does not rake in points but just position on Race Day-- important in a normal race, anything but when nature calls.

Sunday saw Shanghai's skies tempered with rain showers that had front runners gambling for intermediate tires while the midfield pack remain on slicks. Bad call. The expected heavy showers were replaced with light dew drops.

But this weekend's race wasn't about McLaren's 1-2, Alonso's jump start, Vettel and Hamilton's pitlane bungle, or Alonso and Massa's sibling rivalry but simply the greatest of them all-- Michael Schumacher, reduced to being a spectator in F1.

91 wins in more than a decade in F1 is an outstanding feat. Fastest laps in most F1 tracks, 7-time World Champion-- hard to duplicate. The German's last win prior to his retirement was in here in Shangai in 2006 battling it out with an upstart Fernando Alonso of Renault then (the Spaniard would win the Driver's title that year beating Schumi for the 2nd time).

Schumacher was anything but.

Yes he was quick but not particularly spectacular save for a few battles with Lewis Hamilton. The old guy has now made himself target practice for younger drivers today. He doesn't have the pace of his teammate Nico Rosberg who drives a similar Mercedes.

What's wrong with the old chump? Simply too old.

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