Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The 34th National Milo Marathon

The Milo Marathon on its 34th year. 

Considered to be the 'Mecca' of Philippine Marathons, the race, featuring different elimination categories per age group, will gather serious and new runners alike kicking off its first round in Manila on July 4th.
According to its website, Milo Philippines, a portion of the registration fee will be allocated to providing underprivileged children a pair of running shoes. 

This is one running event not to be missed. It's like skipping Christmas, says the Bull Runner!

In this regard, to me 3 places come to mind. Cebu on September 5, Butuan on November 21 and Cagayan de Oro on November 28.

Would it be possible to register and run in all three venues? After all, this newbie is planning to run his first full marathon in the Cebu City Marathon on January 9, 2011, a blistering 42.195 km, and running 21 km or the half marathon of this prestigious running event would be vital to my training mileage.

For my age group, Milo has come up with elimination times which I have copied from Takbo.ph to successfully qualify for the Milo Marathon Finals in December later this year. I should be 70 years old then to qualify 2:30 on the half mary, haha!

Nevertheless, as in life itself whatever the outcome, he who endures is already a winner. 

So, drink your Milo and see you on the road, my friends!

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