Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Running: Low tide

Just as I ended my 4th week of training for the 34th National Milo Marathon 21k in Cebu on September 5, enjoying my third consecutive month of running longer distances than 10 km on weekends and having my best 5k and 10k practice runs last week, I hit a bit of a snag.

Yesterday's supposed 7 x 400 speed runs was limited to 4 x 400 as I limped in the short 3-km run. My right lateral shins froze and emitted excruciating pain signals telling me to stop. At first, walking relieved some of the pressure, as well as, a bit of a massage but a resumption of the activity in the 1.2-km stretch of road leading to the Provincial Capitol only lead to more pain.

Had to stop and ponder. God, I was old!

5 high school runners, probably preparing for some school meet, sprinted past me and a friend who was tagging along. How I envied them.

Last night, while copiously pouring amounts of Omega Pain Killer down my shins making my room smell like eucalyptus and menthol, I did some some stretching and core exercises and mentally planned about making a base run today, 6.5k.

This morning I woke up feeling better. Right leg a little tight but movable. Time to run.

Then again, just as I was charging my GF 405 in the USB port of my laptop in the clinic I accidentally scratched the watch face of my GPS watch against the glassy side of the table. Double ouch! 

And it's only been 3 months old.

The dent is very noticeable on the lower right hand corner.

Maybe 405 is telling me to give it a break. I have neglected GF 305 for the last couple of months now.

It's just remarkable how I can no longer run without one nowadays. Vanity aside, I'm a stickler for time and distance and gone now are the days when I would drive along first around my planned route and check the odometer reading.

Back to training this afternoon. See you on the road, runners!

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