Monday, September 27, 2010

"Fernando, King of Singapore!"

Alonso during Qualifying

In its inaugural season back in 2008, Spanish driver Fernando Alonso of then Renault, drove his way from 15th place to the podium in the first ever night race of Asia and the world in the FIA Formula 1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix-- a win that was later revealed to be masterminded by fellow driver Nelson Piquet, Jr, who deliberately crashed his car on orders from Renault boss, the charismatic Italian Flavio Briatore. 

Since then, Alonso’s win was a bitter aftertaste better known as the “Crashgate Scandal” despite the latter’s 3rd place recovery in ‘09. 

2 years after the infamous win, the twice World Champion, now driving for Ferrari, rightfully took his place as the unofficial “King of Singapore” by winning in last night’s 2010 Singapore GP leading from pole to finish just ahead of the surging Red Bull Renault of German driver Sebastian Vettel. Alonso completed the energy-sapping 61-lap night street race just 0.2 seconds ahead of Vettel. 

The Marina Bay Circuit
There has never been a more exciting weekend for Formula 1 fans than this starting with Friday’s practice in which, expectedly, the Red Bulls took charge; the hair-breadth Saturday Qualifying that was Vettel’s to lose; and Sunday’s exciting Main Race that saw an all-German tango between Schumacher’s Mercedes and Heidfeld’s Sauber, Webber ending Lewis’ race, Lewis throwing his wheel in disgust, Heikki’s Lotus on fire, a Ferrari lapping a Ferrari, and the wily Spaniard’s defensive maneuvers against the speedy German. 

The race for the Driver’s title is simmering hot. 

5 drivers, separated by 25 points at most, with 4 races to go and a hundred points up for grabs! 

Mark Webber leads but Alonso has the momentum. Hamilton, Vettel and Button will need extraordinary driving to catch up. 

And the winners are the fans. My friends in SG who were lucky witnesses are proof of that!


  1. Lets go to Singapore next year to watch!

  2. I did na, pre, back in '08 though not necessarily in the grandstands but on Suntek Towers.

    F1 or Marathon? Sept or Dec? Thinking...