Monday, September 13, 2010

The Italian GP: Hail Ferrari! Hail Alonso!

“Back in contention, baby!”

The tifosi, a rabid mixed-gender fanatic fans of Scuderia Ferrari, hollered and screamed as perineal favorite Spanish and Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso took the checkered flag in Round 14 of the FIA Formula 1 World Championship in Monza, Italy.

But it was in the crucial lap 38, when coming in for tire change, the double World Champion of 2005 and 2006 and his crew perfectly executed a well-oiled pit stop in 3.2 seconds or 0.8 seconds faster than lap leader and current World Champion Jenson Button of McLaren allowing the Spaniard to exit the lane just meters ahead of the surging McLaren coming into turn 1.

Button lead from P2 from the start who chose to run with the F-duct wing giving a slight advantage over Alonso in down force. When the team decided to come in 1 lap earlier than the Spaniard in lap 37, Alonso went “pink” (paddock lingo for ‘fast’) gaining precious seconds over Button.

As Alonso took the lead, he was never threatened then from Button, but instead the latter had to look out for the equally quick Brazilian Felipe Massa in the other Ferrari hot on his tails.

The Red Bull Renaults were not a threat this time downplaying their chances in the quickest circuit of them all-- Monza, where the long straights and quick corners favor cars with Mercedes and Ferrari engines while Lewis Hamilton in the other McLaren did not finish the race due to a broken front suspension from tangling with Massa in turn 2 early in the race.

Alonso's F10 in Monza (BBC)
The 5-way title fight is getting hotter and hotter between the two Red Bulls of current points leader Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel, the McLaren duo of champions Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton and the lone Ferrari contender in Fernando Alonso-- all five separated by just 24 points with 5 races to go and 125 points up for grabs!

The series now moves out of Europe and will once again electrify Asia at night. The Singapore GP up next! Can’t wait.


  1. Go Ferrari! Beat Hamilton's arse!

  2. Haha! Red Bull has a great chance of taking both Constructor and Driver's title this year.