Saturday, October 9, 2010

Triple 10 Run vs the Weather

3 weeks or so ago, I suggested a running event as an opener to commemorate the hospital's 37th founding anniversary. My suggestion was met with enthusiasm by my fellow co-workers of the D.O. Plaza Memorial Hospital.

Fast forward to today. In less than 72 hours, more than a hundred pair of running shoes will congregate on the hospital grounds (to the irritation of our recovering patients, I expect), dance the Zumba to the tune of Shakira's Waka Waka and pound the Maharlika National Highway.

The running event, which we entitled RUN FOR 37, will feature a 5k and 10k race distances-- 2 distances that have since been changed and added in less than a week. The 10k was downgraded from 12 for lack of a better road and a 2k fun walk category was added due to insistent public demand (demand from walkers, that is).

Although the event is exclusive to hospital staff and personnel, a few groups have joined per invitation. The Regional Trial Court Branch 6 and IBP Chapter of Agusan del Sur will make up around 20 runners or so to add to the 104 from the hospital staff.

Yesterday, while tallying for the number of runners registered, I was not at all surprised at the small number of registrants running for the 10k. Less than 10 them actually with the bulk of the group preferring to join in the lesser distances.

But I was surprised today by the change of mind of some of the runners-- friends who I actually see regularly in my runs-- deciding to run the 10k. Now it gets better. Running out of 10k race bibs, we rushed to order 10 more for printing. Hopefully on race day, we could get at least 15 runners.

I have to mention though of one obnoxious runner, a show-off. He is a high school PE teacher, said to have won quite a few race distances and disqualified twice. He came to the hospital to register. He was just unlucky that he didn't bump into me. Smart alecky, he was rather lecturing my fellow doctors regarding the inclusion of the word 'fun' in the 10k race, which should be limited to 5k and 3k race distances only-- according to him (I haven't read that in the IAAF manual). And that the prizes at stake for these 'fun runs' should not be below P5,000.00. His group was registered despite my objection as the race director, nevertheless, I'll see him on race day and we'll see.

My checklist:
Marshals c/o - Regional Highway Patrol: check 
Medical Team - Search and Rescue Agusan del Sur (SARAS): check
Water stations - 4: check
Kilometer Markers: check
Certificates of Completion- 150 pieces: check
Medals- 12 (Top 3, male and female, 5k and 10k): arriving in the morning
Prizes- check
Finisher's snacks- check
Start and Finish streamers- check
Firing gun: check
Sound system and Stage- check
Obnoxious runner: Watch out. LOL

Almost all things covered but not quite.

The weather... And it looks gloomy. Somebody once said, "There is no bad weather, only soft people." Probably the one who said that hasn't been struck by lightning yet. Yes, running in the rain is a wonderful experience but save it for other parts of the country. Here in Agusan del Sur, I have seen 2 patients brought to the E.R. Struck by lightning. And they were not smiling.

Weather report on Sunday: Uh oh!
And this one isn't any better.
I checked online for predicted weather and mostly it says high chance of rain especially in the morning. My only hope though is to pray for fine weather and a safe and successful fun run. I'm thankful that my wife made a trip to the Carmelite nuns. Hopefully the dozen eggs and bananas will give me that window of sunshine on race day. 

See you on Sunday, runners! 


  1. doc, goodluck on this endeavor. im sure you'll do just fine!

  2. thanks, Katol! see you on the road!