Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Driver's Title: Simmering hot, down the wire

The most advanced car of this generation, the RB6.
After 6 seasons, Woking-based Red Bull Racing has captured the Formula 1 Constructor's Title from bigger manufacturers Ferrari and McLaren.

The Adrian Newey-designed RB6 is considered by many to be the quickest Formula 1 spec car to date.

But the Driver's title remain elusive. Although the Brazilian chequered flag went down on German Sebastian Vettel followed by teammate Mark Webber, Ferrari's Spanish driver and twice World Champion Fernando Alonso coming on third was a reality check.

Will Alonso be doing this in Abu Dhabi?
Still leading the championship race 8 points from Webber and 15 from Vettel, Alonso only needs to finish second to clinch his third Driver's Title or repeats his Brazilian GP performance of coming in third behind Vettel and Webber and still the title will be his.

Would Vettel give way to Webber to block an Alonso win? Don't think so. If I were Vettel, I would rather lose the title to Alonso than to teammate Webber. End of story. 

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